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Reach Truck Jungheinrich Harga Murah 2022

Beli Jungheinrich Reach Truck hari ini! Nikmati diskon & bonus menarik dari kami!

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Deskripsi Reach Truck Jungheinrich Harga Murah 2022

Anda butuh Reach Truck berkualitas dan dapat di andalkan dengan harga terjangkau? WIJAYA EQUIPMENTS menyediakan Reach Truck Jungheinrich kualitas prima!

Reach Truck Jungheinrich dapat meningkatkan produktivitas kerja ke tingkat yang lebih baik, segera dapatkan Reach Truck Jungheinrich dari WIJAYA EQUIPMENTS sekarang juga untuk meningkatkan produktivitas di tempat Anda.

Keuntungan menggunakan Reach Truck Jungheinrich di tempat Anda adalah bebas polusi, tidak berisik, perawatan relatif mudah, kebersihan lingkungan terjamin dan mudah pemakaian maupun perawatannya, karena Reach Truck Jungheinrich menggunakan bahan bakar battery.

Segera dapatkan Reach Truck Jungheinrich Harga Murah dari kami sekarang juga! Produk berkualitas, harga kompetitif, pengiriman cepat dan tepat waktu, serta garansi terbaik WIJAYA EQUIPMENTS solusinya!

A benefit from Jungheinrich Reach Truck :

Space-saving construction, excellent performance and comfortable working area these are the strengths of the Jungheinrich Reach Trucks ETV 110 – 116. The advantages:

Space-saving through narrow working aisle widths from 2659 mm (according to VDI – when picking up a pallet lengthways). With its slim supports arms, the ETV 110 – 112 can pull a lengthways Euro pallet back between the support arms – despite its compact chassis of only 1120 mm. This creates more room during operation with oncoming traffic in block stacking aisles or in drive-in racking.

Higher throughput – as well as increased availability – due to 3-phase AC technology on drive, lift and steering motors.

Motivated and stress-free operators due to efficiency-enhancing ergonomics. The operator is immediately aware of the added comfort: Using the lowered entrance, he comfortably gets into the operator compartment equipped which 3-fold adjustable seat, adjustable armrest as well as a steering wheel adjustable in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Automatic speed reduction on corners. Curve Control limits maximum travel speed and acceleration on corners. The danger of a building up process or even tipping over is drastically reduced.

Thus the Jungheinrich series 1 Reach Trucks provide the best solution for cost effective stacking and retrieval at high lift heights and in confined spaces. Be it during the handling of pallets (operating in drive-in racking), in narrow or low areas, single shift or multishift applications – the series 1 Reach Trucks are suited to every application.

“More room during operation with oncoming traffic in block stacking aisles or in drive-in racking”